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no show policy

You must inform us at least 24 hours before your appointment time for cancellations or rescheduling. Failure to provide communication to us in that time frame will result in a $25 fee. 

At the time of booking on our website there is a disclaimer informing you of a $25 hold. The $25 hold is in place of a no show/no call we will process the card for $25. If you reschedule or cancel with less than a 24 hour notice we will process a $25 fee. 

Clients that call in/email/dm on social media to make their appointment, if we don't have your card on file we will ask that you Venmo/zelle/cashapp the tech that you have cancelled with.

If we are unable to process the card on file for whatever reason we will be noting it and you will not be able to book a further appointment until the fee is paid. 

If you no show no call and do not pay the fee or make any arrangements to pay the fee, we will automatically cancel any bookings you make in the future. 

When we accept your appointment request we are respecting you, your time and making you a priority. We turn down other clients asking for your time slot because we have essentially promised a guaranteed time slot just for you. The same way that we have saved and respected this time for you is the same way we expect you to respect and save this time for us to see you. If you treat your appointments like options then please do not bother booking with us. We are here to service clients that truly want to be taken care of by our professional team.

We understand things come up and plans change, please plan accordingly and take your appointment time into consideration. Please be mindful, your personal problems and time management errors should not be cause for us to be left without work and facing financial impact as a result.

When you no show no call your doctor, there's a fee right? You respect your doctor because they provide a service to you, the same way we provide a service to you. 

We hope you understand this is a service based business where techs make a living via commission earnings. When you cancel last minute or no show you are interrupting our tech's business and income opportunity. Please remember that when you cancel last minute or no show, your tech is now sitting around for an hour(s) without making an income. How would you feel if people started to mess with your work / job/ business income? If you inform us of rescheduling or cancellations with at least a 24 hour window it gives us time to find a replacement to fill your time slot. It's simple common courtesy to us and to other guests in need of our services. 


Respect is everything, If you do not respect us or our time we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

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